Many organizations lack an effective method for providing their leaders with feedback and coaching. Our Leader 360 Assessment and other resources are proven tools which help leaders learn and grow, and our coaches can help your staff examine strengths and develop leadership skills. Whether you are considering internal succession planning, assisting a good leader in becoming even better, transitioning a staff member, or are uncertain how to help a staff member who is not succeeding, these services have proven to be exceptional investments for hundreds of leaders.

Learn more about our assessments here. Coaching phases include assessment, report review, and depending on the unique context, a customized coaching plan with regular coaching meetings. Consultants are available via phone and email for the duration of the contract.  

The Center Consulting Group is a non-profit organization. Our fees are determined by the services you request and your ability to pay. Don’t let fees prevent you from contacting us. We will do all we can to find a workable solution for you.

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