We provide guidance during all types of transitions such as termination, retirement, succession planning, and recruitment and selection of new staff members. When a leadership team needs to make a staffing decision, The Center consultants are trained to help with developing a job description, networking, assessment screening, interviewing, determining organizational fit, and on-boarding the new team member.  

Human Resources

We can assist you in the area of human resources including:

  • Auditing existing policies, procedures, manuals, and processes to provide you with an objective assessment and valuable advice

  • Determining if the current human resource structure and organizational chart is the most effective for your goals, mission, and vision

  • Developing and maintaining appropriate compensation packages

  • Providing a performance review for your leaders to receive honest and constructive feedback, delivered in a confidential manner

The Center Consulting Group is a non-profit organization. Our fees are determined by the services you request and your ability to pay. Don’t let fees prevent you from contacting us. We will do all we can to find a workable solution for you.

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